Great post on getting venture funding

A partner who I work with, Eric Hjerpe, has posted an article on xcomony that speaks to how entrepreneurs create VC interest in their startups. I can vouch for Eric’s post, as I’ve seen the basic tenants he espouses in full force. VCs are competitive, and we waffle between frenzied overconfidence in our ability to make money and boot-shaking fear of losing it all. Eric highlight this contrast between fear and greed and explains how a startup founder can use it to create excitement around the startup and drive that excitement to venture funding.

Eric writes, “the challenge for an entrepreneur with a great investment opportunity is create enough momentum to push through investors’ fear of losing money. The challenge for an entrepreneur who wants a “hot” investment opportunity is to blow through that fear and get deep into VCs’ competitive spirit and greed!”

Here is the link to Eric’s post on fear, greed and venture funding.


Author: Healy Jones

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