VC Pitch Tip #8

Another tip for the entrepreneur pitching their business to venture capitalists. This pitch tip is for startups doing the infamous phone pitch…

VC Pitch Tip #8 – If you are going to use WebEx to during your venture presentation, send the slide deck over email ahead of time and have a direct phone line available

WebEx and the like are great, but there are some dangers. Recently a partner and I spent 15 minutes waiting for a company to set up their WebEx. Unfortunately we only had an hour to for this conversation, so the entrepreneur ended up being a short-changed.

Don’t let a technical issue waste your valuable time with a VC! You’ve only got a limited amount of time to impress. By getting a softcopy of your presentation in the hands of the VC ahead of time you not only give the investor a chance to prepare for the conversation but you also give yourself the option of getting the conversation started without wasting any time.

(Note that I’m not ripping on WebEx – likely this technical issue was not with their service but rather some sort of a problem on the entrepreneur’s side… wait, now I look like I’m making fun of an entrepreneur, that was not my intention!)

When is WebEx most useful? When you are going to be doing a demo. VCs love demos! In fact, I may make that my next pitch tip…

Author: Healy Jones

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