Spark’s new seed program and you want to be a chicken to raise VC

Here are two links on raising venture capital that might interest you:

Spark Capital announces new seed program


Start at Spark

Start at Spark

Spark, one of the better Boston area early stage internet investors, has announced the formation of a new seed funding program called Start@Spark. The goal of the fund is to promote very early ventures in Boston and New York. Spark is known for backing several hot internet properties, such as Twitter, KickAps and tumblr. The team over there is smart and quite connected. I had a quick email exchange with one of their investors on the program – they are looking to put about $250k into businesses and are hoping to back founders who can execute well off of their idea. I love the idea of venture funds doing seed deals (most of my 1st investments @Atlas Venture have been seed or seed sized investments.) It’s a great way to help an entrepreneur prove out an idea while being an appropriately conservative investor. Let’s hope the Spark team can find some great local talent!

Brian Shin on getting venture funding

Brian asks the question about your startup: “Are you a chicken or egg?” This is a pretty humorous analogy about a serious topic. How does a startup get enough critical mass/development to raise capital in this environment when it needs capital to actually build that mass? The classic chicken and egg problem! Brian succinctly points out that only chickens are getting funded these days, as investors are looking for real proof points before making investments in web properties. Key take away – have focus on your best idea and bootstrap the execution anyway you can. Check out his post.

Author: Healy Jones

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