New Boston startup and entrepreneurship blogs to follow

There are some very cool new startup and innovation blogs on the scene in Boston, and they are definitely worth checking out! – One of the best venture capitalists on the East Coast is David Skok. David is a partner at Matrix Partners, and previously founded several companies. David was on the board of a startup where I was a board observer – and I learned a ton from watching him. (A few of my older posts were inspired from comments he made on the board.) I am still working my way through all of his posts on So far I really like the Building a Sales and Marketing Machine series. – Adam Berrey is an experienced startup/technology marketing professional in Boston. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him a few times, and he really knows a lot about getting startups focused on their right target customers. His new blog compiles his experiences as a startup marketing professional. Check out his post on how SaaS businesses changed the software marketing world. – A new site devoted to covering technology innovation in Boston. Their stated goal is to help bring together the startup community in Boston. Since the whole New England region is constantly trying to find its innovation center of gravity I welcome their efforts and wish them luck! Check out the posts by my marketing intern, Matt Fellows.

Author: Healy Jones

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