Twitter expose – Central Square better NOT be the center of the Boston Tech Scene

I’ve got news for Wade Roush of Xconomy – the Barron Building in Central Square better not be the new Boston “startup hub.” Because otherwise, we are all going to die.

See the following tweet stream captured in my Tweetdeck account, from 9:42 to 9:51 pm tonight:


On the plus side, there is AT&T reception in the elevator. Maybe the only place in Boston where you can get 3 iphones all online at the same time!

Author: Healy Jones

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  1. Seriously people, taking the elevator down from the second floor is teh lamez. Try the stairs, stretch your quads, save some electricity.

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  2. Hey, why do you think the rent is so reasonable?

    What I want to know is why Laura, Shawn and co. were taking the elevator to Oneforty’s lofty *second* floor office. ;-)

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    • Have you smelled the stairway? Remember that there is a "mixed martial arts" fitness gym on the first floor. The stench is a bit overpowering in the stairway.

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  3. apparently my foul mouth works fine when stranded in an elevator ;-) .

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  4. Just to finish off the story right, they did eventually make it ALL the way to the fourth floor for a night of Beatles: Rock Band and Street Fighter. Ahh, community.

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  5. Healy, I sense a touch of jealousy. When are you moving to central square? :)

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    • It's a little too rich for OfficeDrop… we are going to stick with our new digs out at the end of the Red Line in Alewife.

      On the plus side, I am now the mayor of Whole Foods Alewife on Foursquare! Wahoo! That and $25 will get me a pound of free range, antibiotic free no-steroid ground beef!

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