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Yup, it’s me, Healy Jones, talking about the OfficeDrop cloud filing system switch to freemium with Lincoln Murphy of 16Ventures. Lincoln is that well known SaaS pricing guy, and we go over the switch OfficeDrop made from a pure web only service with a 60 day free trial to an app focused business with a freemium pricing model.

The switch in our pricing strategy has been pretty huge for OfficeDrop. It’s driving a lot of new user growth – both free and paid. It’s been only a month and a half since the switch and the change is clearly measurable with our analytics packages. So far, for our SaaS company, freemium seems to be working.

Check out the interview with on why OfficeDrop went Freemium here! Or simply watch the video embedded below.

Healy Jones with Lincoln Murphy on Freemium

Author: Healy Jones

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