How Reuse (ie Loyalty) Impacts In App Purchases

Here’s the punchline – loyalty really positively impacts in app purchases!

Here’s the data, from Localytics:


According to LocalLytics, “Of all users in Localytics’ study who made an in-app purchase, 44% did not do so until they had interacted with the app at least ten times. On average, a user who makes an in-app purchase will do so 12 days after first launching the app.”


Read the entire article – it’s really interesting.

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TechCrunch Article on OfficeDrop and ScanDrop

After a lot of hard work and some cool new product releases, OfficeDrop finally made it into TechCrunch.

TechCrunch reporter Rip Empson covered the new ScanDrop Mac’s ability to scan, screenshot, save to the cloud and share via social networks.

officedrop in techcrunchAs Rip explains it, ” announcing updates to its ScanDrop Mac and ScanDrop Lite apps (ScanDrop Lite is free) that let any Mac user integrate scanned paper with digital screenshots to create multi-age, searchable PDFs. But what’s really cool about this is that, with a single click, users can now share these scanned docs via social networks or store them in Evernote, Dropbox, OfficeDrop, and Google Docs.”

He also gives an example of possible workflow that users can take advantage of using the ScanDrop Mac app: “ within ScanDrop, users can merge scans, screenshots, and image files into a single, multi-page PDF to then share as they choose. If a user scans a receipt, he or she can then grab a screenshot of a corresponding spreadsheet of receipts and share that as a single PDF document through Facebook or Twitter, for example.”

Finally, the article mentions our recent, dramatic growth.

Read the article here!

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