Tablet Sales to Surpass PC Sales

tablet sales to surpass pc sales

Tablet Sales to Surpass PC Sales

Check out the interesting piece on Business Insider.

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The internet is real

BCG has just released a report explaining that the internet “industry” is 4.7% of the US economy. (Read about it on CNN here.)

The internet now contributed $684 billion to the US economy – more than the federal government, agriculture, etc. It also continues to rapidly grow, and this had implications for other sectors.

For example, the report also talks about the value of internet to small enterprises.”In multiple countries—including China, Germany, Turkey, and France—small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that have engaged actively with consumers on the Internet also have experienced three-year sales growth rates up to 22 percentage points higher than those of companies with low or no Internet presence, according to the report.” (Read this here.)

Go internet go!

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Good write up on Massachusetts government VC efforts

Massachusetts has a couple of long-existing efforts to promote early stage company growth; there is a great write up in BostonInno on these funds. It is a critical evaluation on of their success and weaknesses.

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SXSW Schedule

Ok, my schedule for SXSW is heating up. Here is what I see happening so far (yeah, I’m really only focused on the networking events (parties).

Thursday and Friday night are looking pretty light, but I’ll be updating as I learn more events.

LET ME KNOW if you find out other good parties that should be attended – and I’ll keep this list as up to date as possible. I”m only putting the events where the general public is invited, I”m not putting my actual meetings or “private” parties (out of respect for the organizers who are trying to keep things manageable.)

My SXSW schedule

Thursday 8th

7 pm FreshBooks Customer Party

Friday 9th – still looking

Saturday 10th

5 to 6 pm: When Goliath Comes to Steal Your Lunch Money – more detail here –> my talk (Healy Jones) at SXSW!

7 pm – All Thing D Party – I can forward the invite to you via email, LMK

Sunday 11th

5 pm Binno Party – South by Streetwise

6 pm Mashable SXSWi House

Monday 12th - still looking

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