Interesting take on Boston startups

Looks like Harvard has an interesting initiative going to try to get startups going. I can’t seem to embed the video, so you’ll have to click here to get it.

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Healy Jones at BusinessInsider

Action shot of me rocking it out at the BusinessInsider Startup2012 event in NYC in early May. The topic was David vs. Goliath, and how startups can use the lean philosophy to compete with the big competitors in an industry. You can see the original photo of me, Healy Jones, here.

healy jones

Healy Jones at BusinessInsider Startup2012

Still no video, but if it goes up I’ll link to it.

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Tablet Time

If you didn’t believe it before, believe it now. It’s tablet time; the traditional PC is on the decent and the future of personal computing is the tablet.

Click the chart to visit the original article (source: Aysmco)

See my other posts on tablet sales forecasts and tablets’ growing share of web traffic. Yup, I’m a big believer that the mobile revolution can’t fit in your pocket!

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1st SpaceX Rocket Launch Video

Here is a cool video of the launch of the 1st private space flight to the international space station. It’s very exciting to see a private company, SpaceX, taking over low-earth orbit. Hopefully this will not only be a cheaper way to get stuff into space, but will allow NASA to focus on other things. I don’t see why private industry can’t take over launching a lot of great stuff into space, assuming the incentives are properly aligned (i.e. we can keep the politics to a minimum and focus on getting the best product possible.) This could be a great way for the US to keep its lead in space flight.

Anyway, enough editorializing, here’s the video of the rocket launch

SpaceX Rocket Launch – To the International Space Station

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Tablets Growing Share of Web Traffic

officedrop tablet appAdobe has some research that highlights how important tablets are becoming for driving web traffic (thanks to Mediapost for a great write up on this.)  I’ve said it many times, we are seeing this first and foremost with the traffic both to the OfficeDrop website and engagement with the OfficeDrop iPad app.

Some great quotes on how tablets are driving a ton of traffic from the MediaPost article:

  • “The share of Web site traffic on tablets grew more than 300% in the past year”
  • Tablet share will reach 10% of all traffic by 2014 (that’s it? I bet it will be more!)
  • “Within one year of the iPad launch in Q2 2010, tablet visits represented 1% of total Web site visits, reaching 4.3% of total visits one year later, up more than 300%.”
  • “Tablets generated 4.3% of total Web site visits, compared with smartphones at 6.1%, in Q1 2012″
  • “Approximately 68% of tablets shipped were iPad devices, yet they generated 83% of the combined visits from iPad and Android tablets through December 2011. For every brand Web site visit made with an Android tablet, 2.3 visits were made with an iPad, according to the study.”
  • “Apple iPads generate 490% as many Web site visits as Android tablets, although iPad shipments are 210% of Android shipments.”

So, key take aways are that iPad users are more engaged on the web than Android tablets, but still tablets are a huge source of traffic for all sites. Consumers and small businesses are using these devices for a lot, including surfing the web.

However, one place where they are not being used as much – so far – is for buying stuff, “… for transactional visits on retail and travel sites, consumers are between 30% and 60% more likely to purchase using a PC.” I bet that is a UI thing that can be solved with better shopping carts and shopping apps.

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