Cloud storage investing volume

CB Insights has a short article on cloud storage funding remaining robust in the face of a pretty competitive landscape. I’m not sure if the following chart includes hardware investments, but I think that they don’t intend for it to do so.

cloud storage investment volume by quarter

cloud storage investment volume by quarter

I have no particular take away here, other than I like the fact that the industry I’m playing in is getting a lot of noise right now.

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iPhone Version Performance Metrics

I came across a sweet article on how Apple can tell if their new iPhone is “good enough” and had to link to it. The piece also had a great set of charts showing the iPhone performance metrics by iPhone version/generation, which I’m sharing below:

I highly recommend you read the article; it’s really really interesting. Some of the comments are good too.

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New iOS App Store

iOS 6 has a new app store, and I don’t know if app developer realize how big some of these changes are. I think it’s really going to change up how people choose to download different apps from the store, and am working really hard right now to update OfficeDrop’s iPhone PDF app and iPad listings.

Here are a few things I see as major differences between the iOS 5 and iOS 6 App Store:

  • Screenshots are way more important, showing up front and center in your listings in the store and also in the search results for the iPad. This is a HUGE change.
  • Search on iPad seems to returns a lot more robust of a search result, including the images. So it’s not just your icon and the stars anymore. Again, images really matter.
  • You can zoom into the screenshots, again, making these images really important.
  • You now have to upload ios6 images in addition to the iPad and iPhone images.
  • When you download an app, it no longer takes you to the splash/home screen where the app is downloading. I hope this won’t reduce the open rate on new apps.
  • The store now more clearly shows the update history of the app, so people can get a feel for how often you are updating the app.
  • New apps get a “new” banner on their icon on your home screen; hopefully this will help remind people to go and check out the app after download.

Video on the new iOS6 App Store

This video does a nice job showing some of the changes you’ll see in the store.

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Cloud storage growth

It is really no surprise to anyone in the cloud storage space that the market is reaching that steep part of the adoption curve, where more and more people start using cloud storage. We’ve moved beyond the early adopters.

Research firms are starting to notice this growth, and are writing articles on the cloud storage market. IHS, a research firm, has just published a piece on the cloud storage market; this is a chart from IHS showing the projected growth in cloud storage:

A couple of interesting quotes from the IHS press release:

” “In an environment where mobile devices like smartphones and media tablets handle broadband data on a near-ceaseless basis, businesses are realizing the importance of cloud services in allowing consumers to manage, store and sync content across their devices,” said Jagdish Rebello, Ph.D., director for consumer & communications at IHS.”

“As digital pictures, video, music and files are generated, purchased and stored across multiple clouds and devices, the material becomes increasingly difficult to find and manage. Even more challenges arise as people hoping to store and access cloud content use additional mobile and connected devices, including ebook readers, cameras, camcorders, media tablets, Internet-enabled TVs and connected car systems… It becomes critical then for a cloud service to manage the content in an organized fashion, ensuring that people know where their media is located, what devices are capable of supporting which type of content, what is backed up, and what works online or off.”

The second quote kind of reminds me of the blog post I recently did on OfficeDrop’s blog on  finding your cloud files – as more and more is stored the cloud, accessing and getting to a particular file becomes a lot more challenging. Unless you are using the OfficeDrop file search engine to help you find the file you are looking for, quickly and from any device!

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These new smartphones are fast

Mashable has a piece on the speed of the newest smartphones, comparing the iPhone 5 vs. the Samsung S Galaxy III… the headline is on how the iPhone is faster, but man, the real point is all these phones are FAST! (I’m having problems understanding from Mashable piece where the original source of this image is, but I think it’s here.)

Assuming I’m understanding this geekbench point system correctly, the current smartphone batch is about 1/2 as fast as actual laptops were from 2008/2009! This is an amazing amount of processing power in your pocket.

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