Will Google Play app store revenues catch Apple’s next year?

So Apple continues to beat Google in terms of revenues from app sales – by a factor of four. However, Google Play’s revenue is growing an amazing 311% ytd vs Apple’s 13% ytd growth.

This info is from a cool report by App Annie (which I have never heard of but am about to sign up for cuz it sound cool) that I saw written up in thenextweb here.

At that pace, Google app store revenues will catch up to Apple in something like a year (my calc).

Will it really be a year that Google Play really be as big of a revenue driver as Apple is as little as a year?

I think it will.

The OfficeDrop iOS Apps were driving over 4x as many daily new users as the OfficeDrop Android app was in July of last year. Now they are basically neck and neck, with Android just a good PR event away from leading the pack.

Why is Google Catching up?

In my opinion, Google Play has become a real contender for several reasons.

  1. Tablets. Our user data shows that there are a lot of aggressive Android tablet users out there. The first gen of Android tablets really didn’t do the trick, but in a post Nexus world there are a lot of dedicated Android tablet users, reducing the iPad volume bump that iOS has had historically. It’s since we released the tablet friendly version of our app that Android caught up with iOS (note that we intentionally timed the launch of our tablet app with the launch of the Nexus tablet; kind of like building the hotels on Boardwalk as your opponents round the “go to jail” corner.
  2. Foreign markets. Android really seem to be big outside the US for OfficeDrop – for us in Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries. The App Annie report references Android’s dominance in Asian countries with the following charts (Our results are clearly a little different, but we have focused first on translating our file search engine into romance languages prior to hitting Asian characters):
  3. Android devices are just getting better and getting more share (although the iPhone  recently staged a market share comeback after the new iPhone came out.)

I do hope that mobile doesn’t become a two horse race. I’d love it if BlackBerry or Windows Mobile achieved meaningful marketshare. But, maybe the smartphone market will be like the computer market, with Apple and one other company pretty much controlling the entire market.

Author: Healy Jones

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