Shoppers like tablets for research but not buying

Wow, shoppers now prefer tablet browsing for product research and search OVER the PC, according to a press release by OpinionLab. “Tablets are great for browsing but not buying: Consumers embrace the tablet as hands-down the best platform to research, browse and price hunt. However, satisfaction plummets when making a purchase, indicating profound frustration with the actual buying experience available on the tablet today. Tablets topped all platforms in terms of Site Opinion rating (3.61) – and consumers were particularly happy when using the tablet to research, browse and price hunt (3.64 vs. 3.47 for mobile and 2.94 for desktop). Ratings plummet 40% to 2.39 for consumers who were using tablets to purchase a product.”

I would not have guessed that tablets would over take the PC just yet for browsing for purchases, but then I started to think about how I search for products… and I seem to do a lot of research on the iPad. I guess this is because I prefer the form factor and fast boot up. Searching for a product on the couch is so much easier with a tablet.

Author: Healy Jones

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