Slowly continuing to post over on

I’m still posting occasionally over at… but less and less here.

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A couple of new posts

I continue to build out content on and have recently put up two new posts – one on pricing page design and, finally, my first post on wines that I like.


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Good piece of content by Google

I recently wrote about a great guide written by Google about advertising and writing good copy for Adwords advertising. For sure worth reading if you are spending money on Adwords!

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Slowly building up

I’m slowly adding content to my new Healy Jones blog at I just want to have a place where I can post some personal stuff, plus also have some marketing material as well. I probably will cross-post here some, but not as frequently as I once did.

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SEO tips – getting Google to love your page

I came across this great infographic on iboxseo – it’s nicely lays out the tactics you need to get Google to love one of your site’s pages. I also really love the ranking factors they breakdown at the bottom of this blog post.

They list the top on page factors as:

  1. Keyword use anywhere in title tag
  2. Keyword use as the 1st word(s) of the title tag
  3. Keyword use in the root domain name
  4. Keyword use anywhere  in the h1
  5. Keyword use in internal or external link anchor text on the page
  6. Keyword use in the first 50-100 words

It’s a great post; check out all the tips at the bottom of it!

SEO tips for getting on page love from Google

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