Startups and job creation and Healy Jones (me!) on CNN

Funny. Last night I was watching the president speak at the state of the union address and fired off a tweet about something that caught my attention – elimination of the capital gains tax for small business investment. From @HealyHoopsDon’t understand how it will work, but sounds interestingRT @jsteig: eliminate cap gains on all small businesses . . . that’s good! #SOTU

Then I stop paying attention to Twitter… but lo and behold, CNN is using some pretty interesting social media measuring tools and somehow decides to mention my tweet on the air. You can see it here – my tweet is about one minute and forty seconds into the clip.

First of all, the social media monitoring and display technology they are using is pretty cool. It’s a pretty interesting segment.

Secondly, I do think that the elimination of small business taxes could be really powerful for sparking investment in local and startup businesses. I really don’t understand how it will work, as in what will stop it from becoming a vehicle for tax avoidance and how will it impact venture investing? Will GPs count as small business investors? How about LPs? Will funds be counted the same as grandma helping her daughter getting her hair salon off the ground? Pretty interesting questions…

Third, thanks to Joseph Steig for the tweet I retweeted/commented on.

Finally - Can I now say that I’ve been featured on CNN? Or As Seen On TV?

Update – HealyHoops on the Daily Show too!

This is getting a little out of hand, but my little (re)tweet was also on the Daily Show. The twitter/CNN bit starts around 9:55 into the show (I found the video navigation a bit difficult with Chrome.) I don’t think the particular sketch is all that funny, but it is amusing to have my tweet mentioned by Jon Stewart. And I don’t agree with Jon that Twitter is totally useless!

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Major New England SaaS company thinking of an IPO?

Xconomy has a great piece on Carbonite, a Boston based SaaS provider of online PC backup services. The company is known as a great local software company, and it’s good to hear that growth continues to be strong. Let’s hope David Friend, founder and CEO, is able to keep the company on track and doing well despite the tough economic climate.

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Venture capital dilution model for founders

Very cool basic dilution/ownership model for venture capital rounds. Founders – keep in mind there are likely some terms that will trick up the VC’s preferred stock ownership, but this is a cool tool. I haven’t spent enough time with it to “break” it but I think it will suit the vast majority of typical venture investments at an illustrative level.

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Wow Andriod is growing

And this is before the Nexus One!

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SMB SaaS Distribution Powerhouse Wars

Brent Frei has a post on VentureBeat on increasingly interesting SaaS “app store” battle. I really care about this battle because Pixily has integrated with Intuit’s AppCenter, and it is an important part of our distribution strategy.

While Brent argues that Microsoft is losing out and will not become the powerhouse platform for the next generation of internet applications for business, I’m not yet so sure. In my mind the platform that best drives new customer growth for the largest number of third party applications will be the winner.

I think that the winner will be determined by applying the most marketing muscle plus the best user experience (both for the app developers but also very importantly from the end customer’s perspective.)

That’s my two cents; read his article.

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