NYC VC investments up, Mass is down

Lots of reports of the end of Massachusetts as a startup hub due to the fact that NYC raised more venture funding in Q3 2011 than Boston.

First of all, I am not upset that New York is becoming a real startup hub. Let’s got those technologists out of the backrooms of hedge funds and out there making some awesome products that people can actually use!

Secondly, I don’t think that there is a zero sum game here; if more and more companies do well there should be enough capital to go around.

Third, Mass has been huge in healthcare investing and has been less than stellar in Technology investments for a while now. As healthcare venture capital investments have dropped pretty agressively it makes sense that Massachusetts would dip.

IMHO, the thing that Massachusetts needs now to get it’s tech/internet mojo back is to have a few major exits take place – followed by the employees of those companies starting the next generation of startups + the local VCs recycling money back into the area.

I see some great companies in Boston that are ripe for doing just this. I hope that we see success with a few of them and can get the startup juices flowing again. I feel that the NYC to Boston Acela line could be the next startup super cluster, and I’d like Boston to pull its weight. Check out the CBinsights report for all the details; it’s the source of these charts.

Author: Healy Jones

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