Tablet TV overtakes laptop

Viacom research is suggesting that tablets are now the number 2 way to view a TV show – surpassing both laptops and smartphone usage as a TV show viewing device.

Here are the key findings, as quoted from the Viacom blog:

  • In just a few years, tablets have risen to second-screen prominence for full-length TV (FLTV) show viewing, ahead of computers. Yet, television still provides the better experience.
  • Tablets provide complementary experiences to TV viewing via second-screen experiences and co-viewing apps like MTV’s WatchWith.
  • MSO app users, Netflixers, Apple TV owners, AirPlay users and Whispersync users report higher levels of FLTV show watching on tablets. Over one-third of both AirPlay and Whispersync users say they watch more TV on their tablets because of these apps.
  • Tablet owners report emotional connections to this device unlike any other in the household – more than 50% of respondents said their tablet makes them feel happier and more relaxed, 49% said tablets make them more effective at managing life and 39% said tablets boost creativity. (end quote)

Tablets are pretty amazing devices. It’s pretty obvious that they are taking consumer mind share from laptops.

Check out Viacom’s blog post and press release.

Author: Healy Jones

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