Cloud storage market size

The cloud storage market is clearly growing like mad. A new report suggests that the cloud storage market size is $5.6 billion in 2012 and is growing to $46.8 billion by 2013. Read more here.

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Small Business Owners Embracing Mobile Technology

3 Out of 4 Small Businesses Expect Mobile Tech to Become More Important to Success

A survey of small business owners by Bank of the West shows that SMBs are aggressively trying out new mobile technologies, including devices, apps and cloud services, and expect to use more and more of these services to power their companies. It’s pretty exciting to see how the mobile technology revolution is being lead by small businesses, not enterprises.  According to the survey, small business owners really think that THEY are going to be the ones to most benefit from mobile technologies – even more so than big enterprises.

Most small companies that invested in mobile technologies saw a positive return on their investment – it sounds like the time and effort was worth it for most of those surveyed. Also positive is that only 35% of the businesses had made NO investment in mobile technology – although, I’m willing to bet that at this point most are not thinking about or including their cell phones, which pretty much everyone has at this point – and which also does make people more productive.

SMB Mobile Return

SMB’s Get Positive Return on Mobile Investments

Mobile Increases SMB Efficiency

2/3 small businesses have seem increased efficiency from mobile technologies and 60% believe that mobile technologies are completing functions that other technologies can not accomplish.  This is pretty exciting, as it proves that mobile will create new, exciting markets that have never before been contemplated! Wahoo mobile developers!

Mobile Creates Efficiency

Mobile Creates Efficiency

My company, OfficeDrop, is seeing continued adoption of our small business cloud storage apps. These are lead by our mobile apps, like the iPhone PDF scanner application and our Android scanner app – both of which are having banner months! Check them out today if you are looking for a good way to manage your small business files in the cloud from anywhere, at anytime, using mobile and desktop devices.

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Cloud storage investing volume

CB Insights has a short article on cloud storage funding remaining robust in the face of a pretty competitive landscape. I’m not sure if the following chart includes hardware investments, but I think that they don’t intend for it to do so.

cloud storage investment volume by quarter

cloud storage investment volume by quarter

I have no particular take away here, other than I like the fact that the industry I’m playing in is getting a lot of noise right now.

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Cloud storage growth

It is really no surprise to anyone in the cloud storage space that the market is reaching that steep part of the adoption curve, where more and more people start using cloud storage. We’ve moved beyond the early adopters.

Research firms are starting to notice this growth, and are writing articles on the cloud storage market. IHS, a research firm, has just published a piece on the cloud storage market; this is a chart from IHS showing the projected growth in cloud storage:

A couple of interesting quotes from the IHS press release:

” “In an environment where mobile devices like smartphones and media tablets handle broadband data on a near-ceaseless basis, businesses are realizing the importance of cloud services in allowing consumers to manage, store and sync content across their devices,” said Jagdish Rebello, Ph.D., director for consumer & communications at IHS.”

“As digital pictures, video, music and files are generated, purchased and stored across multiple clouds and devices, the material becomes increasingly difficult to find and manage. Even more challenges arise as people hoping to store and access cloud content use additional mobile and connected devices, including ebook readers, cameras, camcorders, media tablets, Internet-enabled TVs and connected car systems… It becomes critical then for a cloud service to manage the content in an organized fashion, ensuring that people know where their media is located, what devices are capable of supporting which type of content, what is backed up, and what works online or off.”

The second quote kind of reminds me of the blog post I recently did on OfficeDrop’s blog on  finding your cloud files – as more and more is stored the cloud, accessing and getting to a particular file becomes a lot more challenging. Unless you are using the OfficeDrop file search engine to help you find the file you are looking for, quickly and from any device!

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Some recent OfficeDrop Android app press

OfficeDrop recently got some great press on the most recent update of our Android app. It’s really awesome how device specific blogs can drive lots and lots of new downloads and users. I guess the major takeaway for app developers is that serious updates to apps offer tremendous PR potential. And that PR isn’t dead – if you’re selling apps then you need to use the media to drive new people to your store listings. Anyways, this piece of press was really awesome for spiking new users of OfficeDrop’s Android smartphone scanner app, so I thought I would share it.

Android Central Reviews OfficeDrop’s Updated Android App


Android Central, an authority in the Android app space, just reviewed the most recent update of the OfficeDrop Android app – and we are really happy that they liked it!

You can read the Android Central review of the OfficeDrop Android app here.

From the review: “The premise is simple but has plenty of potential. Whenever you have a document or something important that you’d like to keep electronic record of, you can open the OfficeDrop app and scan in the document, which is then uploaded to your account. With the latest version, document scanning has improved, with proper trimming and improved image quality.”

If you don’t have the updated app yet, you should get it! This app includes major image enhancement improvements + auto-cropping of mobile scans. we’ve just released a major improvement to our Android scanner app. This update actually improves the quality of the photo you take for you scans! So your mobile smartphone scanning just got better, easier and faster, and is part of our commitment to giving you the ability to get the best cloud scanning software possible. And it’s all designed to make using our file search better than ever – from the web or from your mobile device.

Get the OfficeDrop Android App in Google’s Play marketplace by clicking the button below on your Android device.

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Talk at Wharton

Recently Prasad Thammineni, Healy Jones (me), & one of our investors, David Mars, recent participated on a panel at Wharton reunion talking about how we worked together to grow OfficeDrop. Tyler Wry, Wharton professor, lead the discussion and recently posted an article on the panel for Wharton Magazine.

Tyler’s post, entitled “Teaching Lean Entrepreneurs,” dives into how a business school education can be an asset when running a lean startup. Tyler defines the lean startup, then goes into how OfficeDrop combined some of the theories we learned about at Wharton with the practices of running a lean startup.

Often times business school/MBAs are made fun of by startuppers; this is a somewhat fair stereotype – A lot of times MBAs think that they will join a startup and the the “strategy” person or run a bunch of analysis in Excel. Of course, we all know that startups need doers! But the MBA can be helpful as it provides frameworks that can be used to quickly make sense of a rapidly changing competitive environment that startups face. Also, things like pricing, positioning, etc are all classes taught at business school, and a good school will at least help you be prepared to know what you don’t know so you can launch.

Tyler had an interesting conclusion to his piece, and one that I agree with. He said, “For me, this drove home the point that entrepreneurship isn’t really that different than any other area of business—training matters. Anyone can start a company, and many scientists and entrepreneurs who don’t know the first thing about business become successful entrepreneurs. On average, though, the startups that are most likely to succeed have some serious business chops behind them.”

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