Cool quotes on how to run your startup

I found this slideshare over on GrooveHQ‘s blog, and thought that some of them were really smart. I think David Karp’s of Tumblr is probably the one that resonates the most with me, but Tawheed Kader of ToutApp’s is most inspiring – “They can copy what we have. They can’t copy what we are going to have.”

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Signs that a PR strategy is paying off

It’s a lot of work to keep your startup in the news. One of my primary press goals is this fall was to make sure Boundless appeared in important press pieces about saving money on textbooks. This means, beyond having some complicated google alerts set up, I am measuring how well we are doing with the important outlets – basically an on base percentage of how often we make it into mentions that cover or list ways college students can save money on their books.

ss 2013-09-03 at 4.31.05 PMI’m really pleased with how we are doing with this now. For example, we were in a TechCrunch piece called “If You’re Buying Textbooks This Week, Get Educated, Not Schooled.” While we know the reporter, we didn’t actually pitch this piece – but she knew about us from previous conversations and pieces. So she decided to write a post on our industry, in a way that actually drove visits for people who were customers, and this all happened because we built a relationship with her.

There have been other recent articles on saving money in textbooks where we’ve experienced similar success, such as this piece on Kiplinger, one on a radio station and a great on on PC Mag on how to buy textbooks.

Besides the relationships we’ve developed with reporters, which drove several of these other articles, we have also been releasing a steady stream of news over the past few weeks (keep in mind this is our busy season, so all B2C marketing we do has to really be compressed.) Besides our big back to school push from a few weeks ago, we announced a big update to the Boundless iOS app and are in the process of getting ready to put out an infographic that we hope will keep us front and center with various reporters.

Anyway, press is a lot of work, and keeping score of how my startup is performing in general, customer-centric industry pieces is a way to bring some measurement to a aspect of marketing that is pretty hard to track.

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New Role at Boundless

Some of you may already have heard – Boundless has a new VP of Marketing, and I’m happy to say it’s me, Healy Jones! I came on board earlier in January, and am really I’m excited to help advance the Boundless mission – making textbooks and education more affordable and better.

Prior to joining I spoke with college students, who universally expressed frustration at the cost of textbooks, the poor quality of the traditional publishers’ ebook offerings and endless cycle of “new” editions created by publishers for the sake of making used books worthless.

The traditional textbook publishing industry is staring at a huge tidal wave of change, just as the encyclopedia industry did a few years ago. Textbooks must evolve into something that better suits students’ learning habits and pocketbooks. Boundless is really exciting since I get to be part of the solution.

Since I’ve officially joined we’ve released free textbooks in 18 subjects. And Boundless was covered in TechCrunch and USA Today, and had great blog posts about the  Boundless open textbooks on the Creative Commons blog and Semantic Web. AND, our semester is off to a great start with thousands upon thousands of college students electing to try Boundless free versions of popular books like Campbell’s Biology, Meyer’s Psychology and Principles of Microeconomics. If this is what changing the world feels like, I’m loving it.

healy jones boundless

I’m excited to be part of the Boundless revolution and look forward to helping students save some money!!

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Some early December links

I’ve been making an effort to share more on Twitter (Follow Healy Jones on Twitter if you want.) Some of these tweets have been popular:

Not too surprising that a lot of the clicks are on VC/seed investing topics. I’m happy that people seem to like mobile as well – I probably spend half my day thinking/doing mobile related marketing, so it’s good to know that my tweeps are aligned with my interests that way as well.

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From Holden

A friend of mine, William Sulinski, has recently started a cool new project called From Holden. The concept is pretty basic – Will like to wear quality clothes (he’s way more fashionable than me!) but he, like me, is on a startup person’s budget. So he’s decided to start a verticalized men’s clothing company focusing on high quality shirts. It’s a cool concept, and I like the style of the shirts that he’s working on.

From Holden V Neck T Shirt

from holden v-neck t shirt

From Holden V-Neck T-Shirt

Will is on the cusp of a new trend in internet retailing, which combines manufacturing/sourcing with internet distribution in the goal of driving down the cost to the end consumer. I like the concept and will be asking for a few shirts for my birthday…

He talks more about what he’s trying to accomplish in a video on his Kickstarter campaign.


Please check out the From Holden Kickstarter campaign and, if you like the shirts, help Will out!

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Some recent OfficeDrop Android app press

OfficeDrop recently got some great press on the most recent update of our Android app. It’s really awesome how device specific blogs can drive lots and lots of new downloads and users. I guess the major takeaway for app developers is that serious updates to apps offer tremendous PR potential. And that PR isn’t dead – if you’re selling apps then you need to use the media to drive new people to your store listings. Anyways, this piece of press was really awesome for spiking new users of OfficeDrop’s Android smartphone scanner app, so I thought I would share it.

Android Central Reviews OfficeDrop’s Updated Android App


Android Central, an authority in the Android app space, just reviewed the most recent update of the OfficeDrop Android app – and we are really happy that they liked it!

You can read the Android Central review of the OfficeDrop Android app here.

From the review: “The premise is simple but has plenty of potential. Whenever you have a document or something important that you’d like to keep electronic record of, you can open the OfficeDrop app and scan in the document, which is then uploaded to your account. With the latest version, document scanning has improved, with proper trimming and improved image quality.”

If you don’t have the updated app yet, you should get it! This app includes major image enhancement improvements + auto-cropping of mobile scans. we’ve just released a major improvement to our Android scanner app. This update actually improves the quality of the photo you take for you scans! So your mobile smartphone scanning just got better, easier and faster, and is part of our commitment to giving you the ability to get the best cloud scanning software possible. And it’s all designed to make using our file search better than ever – from the web or from your mobile device.

Get the OfficeDrop Android App in Google’s Play marketplace by clicking the button below on your Android device.

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