Tablet market now almost the same size as the PC market

IDC is showing some interesting stats on the number of tablets shipped in Q1 – in particular, for every 3 PCs shipped there were 2 tablets shipped.

Since PCs seem to be on a downward trajectory, and the tablet market grew 142% y/o/y, it won’t be long until tablets are just bigger than PCs. Probably this year. Reminds me of my “tablet time” post from last year…

Microsoft seems to be failing in their attempt to get into the tablet market. As this article on extremetech points out, ”Just so you have some idea of how poorly Microsoft’s combination of big-and-expensive tablets are doing, get this: After shipping some 900,000 Surface RT units in Q4 2012, IDC estimates that just 200,000 Windows RT tablets in total — including OEMs! — were sold in Q1 2013. Despite a huge amount of publicity, IDC estimates that the Surface Pro sold around 700,000 units in its first quarter. For comparison, the first iPad sold more than three million units in its first quarter — and the tablet market was a lot smaller back then.”

If I was MSFT, I’d buy share at this point. The whole HP webOS exit from last year, when HP sold tablets for super cheap, clearly showed that the market wants cheap tablets. If Microsoft wants share they should drop the price, lose money and get share. I don’t see any other way.

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iPad dominates tablet web traffic

OK, well, in case you were living under a mobile rock and didn’t know that the iPad was HUGE here is a chart from Chitika.

Android is still a ways away… and MSFT is just so far behind it’s hard to imagine how they catch up at this point. Poor MSFT.

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Tablets as TV

No surprise here, but tablets are growing quickly as a medium for viewing TV programming. I came across this cool infographic pointing out how quickly video on the tablet is growing:

via Ooyala

Have I mentioned before that it’s tablet time? Or that tablet sales are surpassing PC sales? Or have I mentioned how fast tablet growth is happening or pointed out tablet growth numbers? Maybe I have, just a little bit… :)

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Lots of good press on OfficeDrop’s updated Android app

Ok, well here is my chance to brag a little bit. OfficeDrop recently released our updated Android scanner app, and included 7 inch tablet support. Well, we got some great press with this OfficeDrop Android Update. So I’m going to show off some of it here! As a reminder, I firmly believe that a solid PR strategy is imperatitive to any app marketing efforts. Users will need to remember your app’s name, head to the app store and actually type and then download the app. Even better, if you can get a reporter to link directly to the app in the store then the reader could go directly to the listing and get the app right away. Press does work for app marketing; our Android downloads are way, way up.

Anyways, here is the press that our Android app has gotten recently:

OfficeDrop Android App Press Reviews

August 13th, 2012

OfficeDrop – a Top 25 Business App for Android - Network World

July 30th, 2012

OfficeDrop, Escanea y guarda tus documentos en la nube - Lo Nuevo de Hoy

July 24th, 2012

OfficeDrop Review - Android Rundown

July 16th, 2012

OfficeDrop: Turn Your Android Into a Scanner - App for Android

July 16th, 2012

OfficeDrop Android Review - Android Authority

July 11th, 2012

How Mobile Apps are Changing Software - PC World

July 10th, 2012

Scan Your Receipts for Safe Keeping - Lifehacker

July 6th, 2012

OfficeDrop Releases its First Android Tablet App - BSDB Blog

July 6th, 2012

OfficeDrop Android, iOS Cloud Apps Help SMBs Improve Workflow - Mobile Enterprises

July 5th, 2012

Scan Documents From Mobile Devices Faster, Easier with OfficeDrop - CMSWire


If you actually want to get the OfficeDrop Android app, you can get it for free by clicking on the following button from your device:

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PC World, Apps and Healy Jones Mention

healy jones pc world quoteI’m quoted in a PC World piece about how apps will change the nature of desktop software. I had a long conversation with the author, Jared Newman, about how OfficeDrop’s apps, both our smartphone scanner apps and our mac desktop scanner app, ScanDrop, are dramatically changing how we distribute our SaaS product.

The article’s thesis is spot on:

Not surprisingly, many developers are enthusiastic about the easy distribution and streamlined billing that app stores provide, yet these stores also introduce challenges–some that are unique to desktops, and others that have plagued smartphones since the dawn of the iPhone App Store.

I spoke with Jared for a while about how we were wrong about how customers wanted to use our service. They actually want to download and install apps, not use the web. We were off by 100%.

The soon to be famous :) Healy Jones quote is:

Healy Jones, vice president of marketing for OfficeDrop, noticed this shift away from the Web immediately after his company released mobile and desktop apps for its document-scanning service.

OfficeDrop, which provides searchable cloud storage, says that it sees seven times more user engagement through its apps than it does through the Web browser, Jones notes. Since releasing its first apps in 2011, OfficeDrop’s user base has grown from 7000 users to 140,000 users.

“We had a thesis that people did not want to install software; that the cloud meant that people could use a browser to interact with software and would never have to install anything. We were completely wrong,” Jones says. “People love installing software.”

Obviously I’m really bullish on apps. That’s also why I’m very bullish on tablets (and part of the reason OfficeDrop recently released an Android tablet version of our app.) Apps are how people want to interact with software. I’m happy people like HTML 5, but if it isn’t installed it’s not gonna grow as well as an app.

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More Tablet Growth Numbers

I know I ‘ve blogged a ton about how iPads are changing the computing landscape… well, here I go again! A new eMarketer study is suggesting that US tablet ownership will DOUBLE in 2012 to 70 million! DOUBLE! Wow, that is crazy growth.

And we are still seeing it here with OfficeDrop’s customer base. The use of the OfficeDrop iPad app is taking off like crazy, and we will soon have an Android tablet optimized version of the OfficeDrop Android Scanner App.

Tablet Growth in 2012

Here are some of the crazy stats in the eMarketer Study on Tablet Adoption in 2012:

  • “U.S. tablet users will more than double this year from 33.7 million to nearly 70 million, or about 29% of the country’s Internet users.”
  • “The number of iPad users will grow 90% this year to 53.2 million, down from 144% last year… by 2015, when the number of iPad users will have reached 90.8 million.”
  • “In terms of the total U.S. population, 16.8% are expected to use an iPad at least once per month this year, up from 8.9% in 2011. “
  • “Among Internet users, that translates to 22.2% penetration, up from 12.1% last year.”
  • “More than half (51.9%) of Internet users — or 133.5 million Americans — will have a tablet of some kind” by 2015.

If you haven’t seen my blog posts before on the tablet revolution, check out some of the following:

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